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Alamo Area Corvette Club

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The Alamo Area Corvette Club was founded in 2003 to unite all Corvette owners and enthusiast in the Alamo area with an organization that had their car interest at heart. A Corvette club that is unlike any other club and they welcome and encourage owners of all model years of Corvettes from the 1953 to present. Corvette drivers know they have the only true American-built sport car. With a long tradition of excellence, beginning in 1953, the Corvette has maintained the prestige of being the finest American Sports car, known for performance, handling, and of course sleek design, recognized around the world. Alamo Area Corvette Club is all about fun and enjoying the experience of owning, driving and maintaining your Corvette.

When most people hear the work club they think of meetings. They are involved in much more than meetings. They participate in a wide variety of activities such as Corvette nights, Social activities, Car shows, Corvette restoration instruction, and Charity events. Being a member of the Alamo Area Corvette Club allows you to share a common interest dating back to 1953 when America was introduced to the first Corvette with fellow enthusiast.

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