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Antique Automobile Club of America, Inc.

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The aim of the Antique Automobile Club of America, Inc. is the perpetuation of the pioneer days of automobile by furthering the interest in and preserving of antique automobiles, and the promotion of sportsmanship and of good fellowship among all their members.
The firm was formed from among a small group of men who attended Antique Automobile Derbies that had begun, in 1931, in connection with the Automobile Show in Philadelphia. After the fourth such Derby, Mr. Frank Abramson and Mr. Theodore Fiala conceived of the idea to form an antique automobile club from among the previous year's Derby participants.
They approached Mr. Jack Dlugash, promoter of the Derbies, for the participant's names and addresses, which he gladly provided. Their letter, dated September 20, 1935, successfully interested these people in forming such an organization. A meeting was held on November 4, 1935, in the auditorium of the Automobile Club of Philadelphia. Attendance included the fourteen founder members, plus the wife of one. Thus was born America's first historical automotive society, the Antique Automobile Club of America.
General and Junior Memberships in the firm are open to all individuals who have a genuine interest in the antique automobile hobby. Ownership of an automobile is not a prerequisite of membership.
The firm is proud of its relationship with the many historical organizations devoted to similar objectives the world over. The Club, through its National Headquarters, publications, library, museum, and membership, aids individuals, museums, libraries, historians and collectors dedicated to the preservation of automotive history.
The company exists to support the mutual interests of its members. It provides a comprehensive activities program which is available to all members and their families. The public is encouraged to take an interest in the organized activities, meets, and tours however, direct participation is limited to their members in the case of the Glidden Tours.

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