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Aston Martin Owners Club North America

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The Aston Martin Owners Club is one of the oldest and largest one-make car clubs and claims a truly international base. Started in England by Mort Morris Good all and 25 friends in 1935, world membership presently exceeds 4,000 to 2,600 of who are found in the United Kingdom. Including USA and Canada, North American marque enthusiast members number almost 500.

Sharing only their lifelong affection for various Aston Martin models, their members defy description. All ages, occupations and social circumstances are found in the membership rolls of the club. Despite the club's name, Aston ownership is not a prerequisite for belonging just an infatuation with the marque's never compromised aspect of performance and quality.

Such is the charisma of Aston Martin that even a cursory interest inevitably leads to an almost abnormal state of marque loyalty. On more than one occasion since the Company's beginnings in 1913, its very survival, while dozens of other sporting makes disappeared, was ensured by the timely financial support of dedicated marque enthusiasts.

AMOC members are gregarious, low key, and believe in driving their Aston Martins, skillfully and for great distances on outings, tours and to and from events.

North American members receive 4 annual issues of The Vantage Point magazine. This report on both Eastern and Western Section club activities, competition results, technical articles, new product information and a calendar of events. Display and classified advertisements offer a multitude of Aston oriented services and products.
With the launch of the all new AMOC Worldwide website the AMOC North America site will soon close. This site is an outstanding resource for members across North America and around the world. Features like the forum, where members can connect to each other from around the world, events calendar, club shop, and other soon to be released features add true value for members. They thank you for visiting the North America site and hope you will enjoy and support the new AMOC Worldwide site.

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