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Automobile Protection Association

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The Automobile Protection Association is a membership based non-profit association dedicated to promoting consumer interests in the marketplace. Unlike most auto clubs, their staff receive no commissions for selling you a membership, and their approved garages do not pay an application fee or annual membership to belong to the association.

The firm accepts no subsidies from automakers nor the oil or insurance industries. Most revenue comes from the annual membership fees paid by individual consumers. They work hard to preserve their independence because they believe it's the best way to guarantee you the most unbiased information possible.

The firm has had a role in many favorable developments for consumers, including warranty extensions and recalls worth millions of dollars, and improved legislation covering industry sales and repair practices. The firm conducts intensive and ongoing undercover probes to make sure that it remains an effective industry watchdog. Their new car buying is designed to save you time and money. they are more than just a car cost service. You will get fast information and professional advice to help you with every step so you can buy with confidence. 

The firm is a non-profit, membership based organization that has been helping consumers with automotive issues since 1969. Their car buying service has become the most popular service they offer.
The firm provides complete and continually updated dealer invoice information as well as all incentives. You will receive this information quickly and in writing. The quotes are always reviewed by a well informed counsellor who ensures the information provided is not only accurate but also applicable to your needs.

You can save a lot of time, money and aggravation by letting them provide you with objective information on all car related products and services. Whether you are choosing rustproofing, replacement tires, engine additives, or a reliable mechanic, they can help. The firm is never reluctant to provide a hard-hitting review of a tested product or service. they also give praise where it’s due.

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