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BMW Car Club of America

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Several Boston-area BMW enthusiasts founded BMW CCA in 1969 just as BMW of North America was increasing its sales with the 2002, a fast and fun 2-door sedan. The Club began as an owner-support network and has grown to include owners nationwide of classic and current models. BMW CCA offers a comprehensive range of services and maintains a strong, independent relationship with BMW of North America. BMW CCA is a not for profit corporation; the Club's staff is located at the National Office in Greenville, South Carolina. An elected Board of Directors that meets quarterly governs the club. Five Regional Vice Presidents, who serve on the Board, represent the interests of their many Chapters. Each Chapter is an independent corporation chartered by BMW CCA and operates within minimum standards of service to the membership.
BMW, the manufacturer, began in Munich in the early years of this century, with motorcycle and aircraft engine production. In the 1920's they bought the Dixi Works, and began their line of cars. By the 1930's they were a world renowned manufacturer. The end of W.W.II brought hard times and the company suffered throughout the 1950's, despite producing some high-quality V-8's, including the legendary sports convertible. Recovery in the early 1960's grew out of placing their reliable motorcycle engine in a small sedan, the 700, and the sports sedan concept beginning with the 1600/2002. Today, BMW is again recognized as one of the world's finest producers of sports sedans.
Techfest is BMW CCA’s yearly technical seminar weekend, held on a Thursday-Sunday in the spring. Sessions focus on maintenance, repair and restoration of BMW vehicles. The event was originated in St. Louis as Gateway Tech to provide technical updates and serve members mainly interested in technical and restoration matters. Through the years it has grown to be the largest technical gathering of BMW experts in the world. Techfest receives the full support of the national board. BMW NA and BMW Mobile Tradition historically provide technical support in the form of new product or technical speakers, a current technical display, and a well-known guest speaker for the Saturday evening banquet. A vendor area is also open for most of the weekend.
The mission of the BMW Car Club of America is to enhance the BMW experience for their members by providing services, support, information, and activities that promote camaraderie and encourage social awareness and responsibility.

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