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Cadillac Automobile Club

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Cadillac Automobile Club was founded in 1972 by a group of Cadillac enthusiasts to maintain the status and value of what they consider to be the world’s finest automobile. Ever since the first meeting at the Naas Palace there has been a consistent increase of new members. During the last year they have had the pleasure of introducing 150 new enthusiasts and are now about 850 members. Their members are proud owners of Cadillac cars ranging from 1902 to 1997 in which they visit their ever so popular Club meetings in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Finland and France.
In their Club Magazine, by many considered to be one of the best enthusiast car magazines, members can read about the very latest Cadillac models or the retrospective look at the many Cadillac milestone cars. From their club meetings they feature pictures of proud Cadillac owners and there shining Cadillac’s.

As the only Cadillac club in Europe they have General Motors Cadillac’s division’s license agreement to use the trademark Cadillac and its symbols. Cadillac Automobile Clubs anniversary video has been seen on TV all over America via satellite broadcasting. Nearly all General Motors Management and overseas Cadillac dealers have also seen this video. It was also featured in the Swedish TV car magazine Trafikmagasinet.
For their members they have a special Cadillac insurance including testing and full documentation of the cars condition. They have local representatives in the Nordic countries to give members easy access to a Cadillac expert. Members will of course enjoy discount on Cadillac original parts and Cadillac literature. Also free advertising in their quarterly Classified ads. With over 40 years of experience on many Cadillac models we usually manage to solve their member problems. Send for application forms today and treat yourself and your Cadillac to fulfilling experience of being a member of the Cadillac Automobile Club.

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