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Central Indiana Vintage Vehicles

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Central Indiana Vintage Vehicles CIVV, is a not-for-profit membership corporation that was chartered in the State of Indiana in 1988.  It was officially started in May of 1988 with the idea of promoting interest in any type of vintage vehicle. Central Indiana Vintage Vehicles may be unique in that anyone is invited to become a member, whether he or she actually owns a vintage vehicle, or simply has an interest in cars in general. 
Central Indiana Vintage Vehicles has grown to its present membership of 83 member-families.  The focus for club activities is family centered and ranges from their annual car show, to participation in tours and exhibitions, road rallies, mystery dinner tours and just about any chance to drive old cars.  It is significant to note that the company still has 25 Charter Member families who have been with this club since 1988.
Central Indiana Vintage Vehicles publishes a monthly newsletter, which is mailed to all members.  The annual membership fee is 15 dollars and has not changed since the Club’s formation in 1988.
Central Indiana Vintage Vehicles is also unique in that all profits that it realizes from its annual Car Show are donated to a local charity, The Elysian Foundation.  The Elysian Foundation, in turn, utilizes all of the funds it raises to benefit the residents of Normal Life of Sheridan, a residential facility for the severely brain-damaged.
CIVV, like many other clubs, owns a club car.  In this case, the CIVV club car is a 1950 Ford that’s been restored as a Hamilton County.

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