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Central Jersey Antique Car Club

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From humble beginnings, in 1955, Jack Kennedy and a few pioneering men with an interest in the preservation and the enjoyment of the antique car met in a small softly lit backroom to share in the fellowship which that common interest inspired and from this initial meeting evolved what is today known as the Central Jersey Antique Car Club.
Originally chartered with an affiliation to the Horseless Carriage Club, until 1981 known as the Horseless Carriage Club of Trenton, Inc. The club grew and flourished. Today, the Central Jersey Antique Car Club, Inc. is based in Hamilton Township and anchored by a steady and growing stream of men and women who share that same enthusiasm, gusto and desire for camaraderie that the love of the antique car inspires, the heart and soul of the original club has endured and successfully transcended generations. The love of the antique car knows no boundaries.  As demonstrated in their roster, while based in Hamilton Township, the club draws its membership from throughout the region, including parts of Pennsylvania. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of their beloved Club. Over the past five decades, now spanning the 20th and 21th centuries, the faces and cars have changed but the heart and soul of the club endured. 
The  purpose of this club, incorporated as a non-profit corporation, shall be to preserve and maintain motor vehicles of antique age and historical value and to serve as an accurate and technical source of information concerning antique automobiles for the benefit of its members as well as the general public.  This organization is not affiliated with any other organization, and is created as an independent car club. One does not have to own an antique automobile to belong,  just have an interest in old cars.   It is very diversified with all makes of cars. The Club was established in l955 as the Horseless Carriage Club. The Steering Column newsletter is published monthly. 
Programs include monthly workshops and history, restoration tips and a reference library.  Special events include an annual family picnic, holiday party, cover dish suppers and car shows.  The Club also supports different charitable organizations.

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