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Classic Sports Racing Group.

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Classic Sports Racing Group represents an attitude that has a lot to do with the appreciation, preservation, and use of vintage cars and relatively little to do with conventional racing, which defines the car as a tool with which to win at all costs. Their racing also provides a margin that stresses the irreplaceable nature of a piece of racing history as taking precedence over any individual’s need to win. Their features news and reviews, contests, and a very knowledgeable message board community. An educated owner is a happy owner.
The Group does not and will not discourage competition, provided it is done with safety and respect for one’s fellow drivers. Cooperation between the fast and the not so fast is mandatory and in keeping with the concept of maximizing enjoyment for all.
Vintage racing, as defined by Classic Sports Racing Group, is very different from other forms of racing in that it is based upon participation, not victory. The veteran respects the novice’s right to the track, and the novice respects the veteran’s right to motor to the extent of his or her ability and good judgment. Formal licensing is replaced by mutual respect for each other’s rights.
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