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Collectors Foundation

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Collectors Foundation was established in 2005 as a public charitable organization with former UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden's philosophy of achieving great things by selflessly serving others clearly in mind.
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The Collectors Foundation is a public 501 charitable organization governed by an independent Board of Directors designed to serve the long-term interests and passion of collector vehicle and classic boat hobbyists.
Hagerty and its Collector Network conceived of such an organization as a way to assist the collector car hobby in its many efforts to preserve and encourage appreciation and respect for the artistic, technological and cultural significance of the automobile. The Foundation builds on and expands that vision to include a variety of vehicle and classic boat hobbies.
The Foundation is an independent resource supported by enthusiasts who care about passing on the tools and respect for craftsmanship to the next generation, appreciate the historic development of transportation in its different modes, and want to encourage young people to get involved.
Hagerty is funding the administrative and promotional startup costs of this nonprofit corporation. Now the Foundation must seek out other individuals and corporations who care about the future of these hobbies to build this important resource. Together they can generate significant financial muscle to preserve and enhance these hobbies and the sense of community they all enjoy through them.
In a choice of grant making styles that can range from passive to proactive, prescriptive to preemptory, the Collectors Foundation Board of Directors chooses to make its decisions in the proactive to prescriptive range in the awarding of grants.

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