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Ferrari Owners Club

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FOC, Ferrari Owners Club, was established in 1961. FOC is the first Ferrari club in America recognized by the factory. It brings together Ferrari enthusiasts worldwide. You too can discover the many rewards and share in the excitement of FOC membership and enjoy the amity of all those inspired by the motoring passions of Enzo Ferrari. Whether you are a past, present or even future Ferrari owner, you will find that membership in FOC is your passport to miles and miles of Ferrari style fun and enjoyment.
FOC is represented in established regions throughout North America. FOC also invites local groups of Ferrari to discuss the benefits of forming a local FOC region. For the thrifty minded, a five year membership is available at a 10 percent discount if the full five year fee is prepaid. A five year National membership saves over 60 dollars.

Whether you are near or far, in America, or reside on another continent, getting to know others that share your interest in Ferraris makes the experiences all the more rewarding. Their national headquarters is located in the Los Angeles area. Their membership is growing rapidly with over 100 new members each year. There are also regional clubs in San Diego, CA Midwest based in Lake Forest, IL Northeast based in New York Texas, in Houston and Austin Florida Mid Atlantic based in VA Utah and Puerto Rico.

Included with your Ferrari Owners Club membership there are two publications, the Pilota is a monthly FOC magazine and the FOC Membership Directory, which is published approximately every two years. Their motto is to drive and their many rallies, track days and driving events are intended to help members enjoy what these cars were designed to do.

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