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Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club.

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The Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club grew from the dreams of two men Ray Shea and Bill Erbe. In August 1991, a group of former stock car racers, car owners and enthusiasts gathered in Bill Erbe’s backyard that is a group who also shared the dream and goal of keeping the spirit of the early days of stock car racing alive, especially the rich history of the sport here in New Jersey.
Their primary goal was to open a museum. That goal was reached in 2001 with the opening of their museum at the Wall Township Speedway, where photos and memorabilia are displayed for the race fans enjoyment. If you are interested in joining us, the requirements are easy to fulfill. All you need is an interest in preserving and sharing the history of the sport of stock car racing. You don’t need to have an old car or even be mechanically inclined. The yearly dues are 22.00 dollar which includes a membership card, bi-monthly newsletter and associate membership for immediate family members.
The Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club Museum opened in late 2001 and is located on the grounds of Wall Township Speedway. Evernham Motorsports became a sponsor of the museum in 2004.
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