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H2 Club

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The H2 Club has been formed for you by you, the H2 Enthusiast.  It consists of local chapters throughout the country and eventually the world, where each chapter is given free will to plan their own schedule.  They celebrate the finer things in life including good friends, good conversation and of course the H2. The H2 Club welcomes all Hummers, H1s and H2s, to participate and to be part of the family.

In Enhanced enjoyment of the H2 Club will put you in contact with the local chapter who is closest to where you reside.  Possible upcoming events include off-roading, off-road instruction, events with local dealerships to learn more of the technical side of the H2, and many social gatherings. In H2 Gear and Accessories Discounts, they are working with many aftermarket companies to team up with and offer their members discounted pricing on their offerings.
H2 Club goes four-wheeling together, show off their prized possessions and enjoy each others company.  Otherwise, as a club they hope to keep their level of participation at a minimum, reducing the amount of politics that any of their members will have to compete with, and increasing your enjoyment with one another.
The main goal of the H2 Club is to assist members in teaming up with one another to get more enjoyment out of their H2s. At this time, they are adopting hands off policy to the planning of local events, figuring it is better for each chapter to keep their own agenda.  This policy will allow for more freedom for the local chapters to meet as often as they like while keeping politics of the club as a whole at bay.
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