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International Association of Natural Gas Vehicles

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The International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles was established in 1986 to provide the Natural Gas Vehicles industry with an international forum and to foster growth, safety, product development and policy formation. Including their regional affiliates, they currently represent the interests of more than 600 members throughout the world. In the twenty years since their establishment, they have seen worldwide Natural Gas Vehicles numbers grow from almost none to five million vehicles. Over the next 15 years, they are projecting a ten-fold increase, to reach a target of 50 million Natural Gas Vehicles on the road globally by 2020.
Primary activities of the association includes Government lobbying and policy assistance, Providing industry information to members and stakeholders, Standards development and dissemination, Standards harmonization, Organizing industry conferences, including their own conference held every two years, Collecting relevant statistical data, Facilitating technical information exchange, and Marketing and industry awareness activities.
As supplies of crude oil diminish and prices rise substantially as the infrastructure for extraction, processing and transport of oil becomes less dependable and less secure, as oil price fluctuations become increasingly unmanageable, governments and vehicle owners throughout the world look to alternative fuel sources for the transport sector in particular. Natural gas can be used in all classes of vehicles including motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks, buses, lift trucks, locomotives, even ships and ferries. Natural gas can be used either by converting an existing gasoline or diesel engine, or by using a purpose built natural gas engine.

While several alternative fuels offer solutions to some of these problems and will become part of a diverse mix of fuels, few offer the distinct and unquestionable advantages of natural gas. With almost 5 million natural gas vehicles worldwide the International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles is proud to have been at the forefront of industry growth.

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