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Jaguar Associate Group

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The Jaguar Associate Group was formed in January 1955, making it the oldest Jaguar club in the world. From its inception their club has offered its members a social and technical program of at least two events each month.  They have no attendance requirements, but they hope that the geographic staging of those events all over the San Francisco Bay area, will spur members to participate as often as they are able.The club has approximately 500 members and 400 Jaguars registered with the club.
They hold a dinner or brunch meeting every month of the year which, by tradition, requires members attending to drive their Jaguar to the event or pay a 1 dollar fine. That penalty can be avoided however if the reason for not driving a Jaguar is proved by producing the faulty part from the car which prevents its use.  All their dinner or brunch events are related to the time of the year such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.
In  the months of November through February, when the weather is often not appropriate for driving for pleasure, they hold technical sessions at the workshops of specialists in the care, maintenance and restoration of Jaguars.  In the past, they have received widespread expert advice ranging from repair to restoration which is of immense benefit to technically minded individual which seems to be a common trait among Jaguar club owners.
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