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Lincoln & Continental Owners Club

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Membership Benefits are Regional Tours and Activities are Train trips, museum visits and tours of private collections and restoration shops are all part of the fun when you travel with them. Recent Lincoln Car Club events have included winery tours, scenic train trips, a tour of the Grand Coulee Dam, an up close and personal encounter with buffalo, a ride in a sternwheeler in Idaho, a blimp hangar tour in Tillamook, Oregon, a salmon bake and theater performance in  Walla, Washington. Quality car accessories, clothing, automobile, books, badges, manuals, videotapes and other items are available to Pacific Northwest Region members.
Anything with a Lincoln badge made between 1921 and today is fine with them. New or old. In fact, you don't even need to own a Lincoln or Continental to become a member. All that they ask is that you have an appreciation for these fine automobiles. They enjoy driving their less than perfect cars and would enjoy having you drive your less than perfect Lincoln along with them. They were joined by members driving the following cars a, a 1983 Ford Country Squire wagon, a '53 Mercury, a supercharged Studebaker Avanti and a Jaguar sedan.
They only give advice to dues paying Club members who can get advice through the National LCOC organization's Technical Services Group. Commercial advertisers who offer Lincoln parts, repair and restoration can be found in the National LCOC magazine, Continental Comments. The magazine also offers a Tech Tips column which provides valuable advice on keeping your Lincoln alive and well. You'll be able to access these services as soon as you become a Club member. And, because some people don't read well, they mention again that they do not respond to e-mails or contacts from non-members. They are busy and have their hands full taking good care of Club members.

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