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National Automobile Dealers Association

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The National Automobile Dealers Association, founded in 1917, represents more than 19,700 new car and truck dealers, both domestic and international, with more than 43,000 separate franchises. Their membership is open to any new automobile or new truck dealership holding a new automobile or truck sales and service franchise. The Company provides counsel on legal and regulatory matters, represents dealers on Capitol Hill, Develops research data on the automobile industry, operates training and service, programs to improve dealership business operations, and sales and service practices.
They do Government Relations which represents new car and truck dealer interests before the U.S. Congress, including a wide range of business, trade, energy and environmental issues that could impact the success of their businesses and the security of the more than 1 million people they employ. Industry Affairs addresses all major issues affecting dealer and manufacturer relations. Industry Relations promotes communication between manufacturers and member dealers via franchise specific meetings and their exclusive biannual dealer attitude survey. The Industry Analysis department conducts economic and industry analyses for internal and external use.
Legal Affairs represents the interest of dealers in the legal, federal regulatory and franchise arenas. This involves the monitoring and analysis of federal administrative activities, the formation of their policies on these matters and the preparation of guides and bulletins to assist dealers in complying with federal requirements. The group analyzes dealer franchise agreements and manufacturer policies, maintains a state franchise law reporting program and assists dealers on franchise and state law matters.
They can provide Finance Resources. Americans Well informed on Automobile Retailing Economics is a group of automotive industry leaders that have joined together to educate consumers about vehicle financing. As part of their ongoing efforts to emphasize dealer integrity and help improve consumer understanding of vehicle financing, the association developed a sample financing pledge for dealers.

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