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National Automotive Radiator Service Association

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The automotive industry traces its roots to the 1890s. National Automotive Radiator Service Association NARSA members trace their heritage beyond that to the era of the horse and buggy to the blacksmith. In the early days of the horseless carriage, radiator repair was pioneered at the anvils and forges of the village smithies.  

As the motor car and the motor car industry grew, so did the need for radiator repair and cooling system maintenance. Local, regional and metropolitan associations grew out of the need for better education and communication about the business of radiator repair. It wasn't until 1954 when a group radiator repair shop owners founded NARSA, extended for the first time a network for education and communication from one end of the United States to the other. Throughout the years, the organization grew and extended and today it counts more than one thousand five hundred members in forty two different countries.

Founded by a group of dedicated, far thinking radiator repair shop owners in 1954, the company continues as a forum for education and communication within the automotive, heavy duty and commercial engine cooling and mobile air conditioning system service aftermarket. Today, the Association exists as a non profit organization with offices in Mount Laurel, NJ. A full service trade association, NARSA strives to provide its members and the industry with a variety of timely and valuable programs. It is governed by a volunteer board of directors elected by the membership.

They have recently unveiled a program designed to test and ultimately certify the repair skills of Heavy Duty HD radiator technicians as well as the ability of each of their employer’s shops to perform HD radiator repairs. They have embarked on this effort to certify HD radiator repair technicians in order to increase the professionalism and technical abilities of those they serve.  

They serve as your vehicle for communication with other repair shop owners as well as with distributors, suppliers and manufacturers. Associate membership is available to those businesses which supply the front line cooling system specialist. NARSA provides the individual with the opportunity to gain access to the entire industry.

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