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North Shore Old Car Club

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There is no more confidence than the one you get when you know that you can count on somebody. This is true at any level and especially important in regard to technical and practical support. Many automobile associations in the United States provide drivers with support and help to face common and more difficult situations in an easy way. The organization was officially established as The North Shore Old Car Club Inc with the filing of the Articles of Organization at the Massachusetts State House on June 22, 1954.
The purpose of the club was and remains today to support members to acquire, restore, exhibit old cars and also to support the preservation of printed matter about old cars and to serve as a conduit for the relaying of  technical and historical  facts pertaining to old automobiles. Presently the company averages over four hundred members and holds about forty meets or events each year.

It was decided that the Club should have guidelines that would be consistent from year to year in the interest of justice to all parties.  Clearly, the intent and application of this award from its inception has been to place the emphasis on the amount of work done personally by the owner, the quality of workmanship and the completeness and authenticity of the restoration.

The major restoration tasks are total car disassembly and assembly, engine and drive train rebuilding, plating, sandblasting, welding, body work, body painting, reupholstering, top construction and repair and painting of chassis and accessories.  Minor restoration tasks such as purchase of new accessories and parts clearly should merit only secondary consideration.

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