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Shelby American Auto Club

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The Shelby American Automobile Club was founded in 1975. It has approximately 5,000 members in the U.S. and another 500 around the world. While the Company has continually evolved over the past 29 years, its basic reason for existence has not changed. The club is dedicated to the preservation, care, history and enjoyment of the World Championship Cars built by Carroll Shelby. The difference is that some of the definitions they originally operated under have changed. These changes happened very gradually, and that’s where evolution enters the picture.
Care originally referred to the proper maintenance that would enable the cars to be used in the manner they were intended. In 1975 relatively few cars were show cars or garage queens, and seeing a fully enclosed trailer at a national convention was a rare sight. Most members found technical articles, part numbers and tips on the best car care products useful. As time passed, more and more cars were restored and as a result, they saw less and less actual use.
This change has continued to the point where, today, it is exactly the opposite a daily driver is the exception of the rule and most cars are only taken out on nice days and driven to meets or shows. In the late 1970s a lot of owners worked on their own cars. Today most cars are taken to professionals. This has eliminated the need for detailed technical articles in the Shelby American. If you don’t rebuild your own transmission, you don’t need to read an article about how to do that. And the guy you’re paying to do it doesn’t need to read the article either.
Their mission is to promote and perpetuate the preservation, restoration, and the use of antique automobiles through individual and group participation for the enjoyment of the automobile owners, enthusiast, and the public.

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