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Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts

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Sovren, the Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts, is a Seattle based non profit racing organization boasting 300 members throughout Washington, Oregon and British Columbia who are owners and admirers of older sports cars with racing histories. Ownership of a vintage race car is not necessary for membership.

In 1985, Seattle Porsche enthusiast Dick Mattei decided that there was a need for a vintage racing organization in the Pacific Northwest. Approximately 100 enthusiasts were recruited at a meeting in 1986, and 15 of them became the charter members of Sovren, an acronym coined by Mattei. The club originally was organized to include both racing and touring; however, it soon became evident that the members’ main interest was in wheel to wheel competition.

The Spring Sprints is a prelude to the highlight of the yearly Sovren racing season the Annual Pacific Northwest Historics. The Historic, are scheduled for the weekend closest to the 4th of July each year. Even though many of the cars are extremely rare and valuable, their owners use them for their intended purpose of driving hard to beat the competition.
The weather is sunny hot as Sovren takes to the road in this midseason event of the racing year at the Portland Intl. Raceway.  They usually feature the Historic Can Am group, with their thundering McLarens, Lolas, Shadows, Porsche and other famous Can Am historic cars. This event, the Columbia River Classic Road Race is an annual event with approximately 150 pre1970 race cars that have been restored to mint condition.With its challenging course, the infamous festival turn on the straight and open layout, viewing is a real treat as the entire course is visible.
Their mission is to promote and perpetuate the preservation, restoration, and the use of antique automobiles through individual and group participation for the enjoyment of the automobile owners, enthusiast, and the public.

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