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Southern California Audi Club

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The Southern California Audi Club is dedicated to Southern California Audi enthusiasts and owners. They invite you to explore the Southern California Audi experience by discovering the heritage, tradition, and performance of one of the world's great marquees.
They need your help. The survey is an attempt to gauge interest in the calendar for the year, and to solicit help from members to make the chapter better for all in the year to come. It only takes a few minutes to complete, but it helps them to learn what everyone's interested in and what directions they should take as they move forward together.
It's your participation and input that makes it what it is. If nothing else, please use the general comments area of the survey to give them your general thoughts on the chapter and how it can be improved. They appreciate any input you may have, and look forward to receiving your submission.
Audi's four interlocking rings are emblematic of automotive excellence. For over a century, Audi has pioneered automotive design, performance, technology, and safety with a single minded determination to never presume that great is good enough. The word never is an absolute. And Audi is all about absolutes. Absolute clarity. Absolute vision. Absolute passion. Audi has never been about following trends and appealing to mass standards.
Inevitably, the car you drive is a reflection of you. Your aspirations. Your core values. Your soul. In your world, there's no room for half measures, no place for unrealized dreams. Great design, great performance, great heritage, and great presence, after all, need no explanation.

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