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The Lincoln Owners Club

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The Lincoln Owners Club will hold its 2006 Annual Meet at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan on June 24. The Lincoln motorcar will be the featured marque as the museum celebrates its annual Grand Experience. Meet details and registration information will be available shortly.
Dr. Miles O’Brien and other Lincoln enthusiasts founded the Lincoln Owners’ Club in 1959 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The club is a non profit corporation. The purpose of the club is to further the preservation of Lincoln motorcars models L, K, KA, KB and K, produced from 1920 to 1940. By providing a channel of communication, the club strives to bring together in good fellowship for all who admire these fine examples of automobile craftsmanship.
The club holds an annual meet as well as regional events throughout the United States. There are two club publications. The Fork & Blade is a bi annual glossy magazine that features articles and photos on Lincoln motorcars, coverage of activities and Lincoln Motor Company history. The Lincoln Owners Club Newsletter is published bi monthly and contains timely news, classified ads, recommended suppliers and a calendar of events.
The club has reprinted the rare Lincoln Service Bulletins. Lincoln owners will find these extremely helpful in the restoration and maintenance of their Lincoln motorcars. These are available in two sets 1924 to 1930, and 1931 to 1935. Cost is 50 dollars each. Authentic Service Bulletin covers are also available for 10 dollars each. A Service Bulletin Index is available for 3 dollars.
The Lincoln Motorcar Heritage Museum and Research Foundation was established to preserve and disseminate information pertaining to the Lincoln motorcar. Its objectives are to acquire, restore, maintain, preserve and display items of historical interest related to the Lincoln motorcar to promote historical research and the dissemination of information concerning the origin and development of the Lincoln motorcar.
They provide research services concerning the Lincoln motorcar to the general public to seek donation, cataloging and preservation of historical materials to accomplish those objectives to lease, purchase or build as well as operate appropriate facilities and equipment to allow the accumulation, display and organized dissemination of information related to the Lincoln motorcar.

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