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The Maserati Club

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The Maserati Club is a not for profit club operated by and for the members and dedicated to the following goals. In reading their publications and attending their events you will come to experience the special quality which makes Maserati and unique. To inspire the ownership, operation, restoration, and preservation of Maserati automobiles, To serve as a resource to members for information on Maserati news, history, and technical data, To encourage camaraderie amongst Maserati enthusiasts, To assist members in locating Maserati cars, parts, and service, To generally increase awareness in the House of the Trident.
Over 80 percent are events that they created with the remaining 25 percent being events that they attend as a group. The Company board members are in attendance at all of their events so that newcomers will be made to feel welcome and so the success of the event is assured. But it is your participation and support at events that makes them work. Come out and join them for a celebration of this great marque and the people that make it special.
MASER MIGLIA was started in 1997 in order to have one event a year at which all TMC members from all of their chapters could attend. Since they're spread far and wide across the globe, trying to pick a central location was a logistical nightmare so they opted to have the event move from chapter to chapter each year.
The Company is managed by an International Board of Directors, consisting of one representative from each Chapter. International Board Members serve at the discretion of their Chapters and all have an equal voice in Club affairs. The International Board influences only those aspects of Club business that affect all of the Chapters.
Their mission is to promote and perpetuate the preservation, restoration, and the use of antique automobiles through individual and group participation for the enjoyment of the automobile owners, enthusiast, and the public.

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