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Vintage Motorsports Council

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The purpose of the Vintage Motorsports Council is to provide a coordinating body for Vintage Motorsports. It is the intent of the company to provide its members with a framework for the promotion of uniform rules and regulations to enhance the continued growth and health of Vintage Motorsports.
All around the world thousands of competitors are finding, restoring, preserving, driving and racing performance cars from every era of history. In North America there are more than one hundred seventy racing events and thousands of other vintage events sanctioned by hundreds of clubs. Events range in size, some mega events attracting as many as six hundred entrants, while the small club events attract around fifty.
The rasping whine of a race car at speed, that visual and physical treat of a highly tuned and stressed car enjoyed in an atmosphere of sportsmanship and competition, is truly exciting. That, combined with the setting of North Americas great tracks, associated social events, convivial crew and friends, is what makes vintage racing. It's easy to get involved and it's a friendly, low key family endeavor. Vintage racing is the lowest cost adventure sport according to the Association of Adventure Sports.
There are also many associated racing events which welcome the vintage race car are hillclimbs, autocrosses, rallies, rally tours, concours, car shows, car meets and marque and special interest club meets. There are also oval track showcases and road racing course exhibitions for less intense on track sessions. The vintage car is truly a chariot to adventure and fun.
The primary objective of the sport of Vintage and Historic automobile racing is to promote the preservation of these cars in a racing format which emphasizes driver safety and etiquette. The sport is intended to provide a format for friendly wheel to wheel competition with vehicles faithfully prepared to their era. All racing is dangerous and only the proper attitude of the driver and the careful preparation of the cars will diminish the danger and will enhance their appreciation of this sport.

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