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Yankee Yesteryear Car Club

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The Yankee Yesteryear Club was founded in 1963 to promote interest in automobiles, including history, design, construction, preservation and restoration. The club was founded January 1, 1963 by Russell Brunen and his wife Rose for the purpose of promoting interest in automobiles built prior to 1942, including the history, design, construction, preservation and restoration. Their greatest asset is you the members and that’s why this club has lasted for 43 years.
The requirement of a vehicle be built prior to 1942 was removed in May 1968. There have been 27 individuals who have served as President with Russell Brunen serving as the first. Since the club's inception annual car shows have been held each September. As of January 2006, the club has in excess of 185 members from several states.
Well now, the automobile touring season can officially begin with spring just a few weeks behind them. Within the next month, they have five YYCC tour events scheduled besides all of the other events happening all over their region. They will start off the first road trip on Sunday April 30th with Don Pusczynski’s dust off tour. This event is sponsored by their sister Car Club, the Belltown Antique Car Club and held at the Fireman’s Field RT 16 East Hampton.
They shall gather and leave the Cozy Corner Restaurant at 9AM sharp. If you wish to eat breakfast, come early. The tour is an all day event. Lunch will be available at the field at a reasonable cost, or you may bring your own picnic lunch. The Club has been actively promoting the use of the electronic version of the newsletter. The reasons are simple. Costs of printing a hard copy newsletter, postage and growing membership has put a huge financial burden on the Club. 

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