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American Automobile Association: More Than 100 Years of Experience

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The American Automobile Association or AAA provides one stop shopping to meet all the automobile, insurance, meeting travel, financial and auto repair needs. It also assists, its associates, with reservations, buying tickets for a cruise, finding the best choice for your trip, the transportation modes and the car rentals.

The American Automobile Association is devoted to building the road of life as soft as possible. After a hundred years of experience in satisfying member needs, it proffers more services and products than ever before: information services, financial services, repair services, insurance and credit products car purchase assistance and array of travel assistance. They prepare all for traveling to the most incredible destinations whether that engrosses the Caribbean or a campground and travel around lands spilling over with great sounds, smells and sites.

Some of the American Automobile Association professional services are travel, vacations and cruises, which are among theirs expertise’s area. AAA provides great discounts in any of its transportation, destination and lodging plans. They also make reservations for corporate excursion or next cruise. Moreover, it provides financial services, a Visa card and organizes for AAA vacationers' travel money, foreign currency exchange and checks. AAA is partner of a wide diversity of associations to give special member only values, such as flowers, DVD rentals and other activity venues. It also has a car buying program, which helps find the best choice, negotiate the deal, obtain the best price, perform diagnostics and gives services during the time the client own the car. AAA also may find or sell the best choice online.

American Automobile Association also provides different types of insurance such as family, life, homeowners, automobile and health to satisfy any of your needs. Even an earthquake is covered by the AAA insurance assistance program.

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