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Automotive Service Association: 55 Years Serving Its Associates

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In support of Automotive Service Association members through the United States and other countries, it provides a World Wide Web. It was established in 1951, as a leading organization for managers and owners of automotive service corporation, which attempt to bring excellence in repairs and services to their clients. The ASA is a not for revenue deal association serving independent automotive service professionals. ASA gives its members more than 35 benefits planned exclusively for automotive service professionals and businesses

Automotive Service Association is an association of mechanical, transmission and collision automotive restore stores. The association focused on a number of categories of associates. Official ASA membership applications are available for the next categories: Regular members are automotive service trades that provide automotive repair services to the motoring unrestricted, and dealings that gives repair services to private fleets, for example public utilities.

Associate members are trades that provide equipment, services or goods to the automotive service business. It is classify according to the service or product the member gives to the business: auto claims management, automotive lifts, business forms, environmental services and waste management, engines, financial services, gaskets, seals, ignition systems, marketing aids, PPG platinum distributors, replacement parts, vacuum systems and accessories, surface preparation products, paint booths and prep stations, tool boxes, welding, health insurance, paint application tools and equipment, publishing, show management, torque converters and wheel alignment systems. Educational members are individuals implicated in automotive occupational preparation or ongoing education.

Automotive Service Association has classified its 35 plus member benefits in the following: utilities, parts, tools, equipment, legislative initiatives, financial services, insurance, business aids, education and training, estimating and diagnostic programs, advertising and marketing, publications and information sources, internet services, uniforms and professional services.

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