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Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association: More Than 50 Years of Experience

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The Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association was established in 1941 by Harry Lester and R. A. Van Alen in Los Angeles. The membership of the association grows over their more than fifty years to more than 1800 member companies. Today, the convention number exceeds 5,000 people with over 500 exhibit stands.

The APRA is a non-profit trade association whose members remanufacture and rebuild trucks and related automotive "hard" parts for traveler cars, marine, industrial, trucks, equipment and off-road uses. These parts include, and are not restricted to power brakes, starter drives, solenoids, automatic transmissions, regulators, springs, windshield wiper motors, armatures, generators, carburetors, starters, crankshafts, connecting rods, cylinder blocks, engine assemblies, clutches, brakes, master and wheel brake cylinders, distributors, fuel pumps, water pumps and alternators.

The Association provides assistance in the interest of the customer in ways such as: becoming more involved in the industry or being more cost effective. The APRA has the mission of satisfying all the auto truck and automotive parts remanufacturing industry and their members. It gives a high quality range of educational information, services, workshops and APRA's Global Connection and e-Connection. It also offers online catalogs, wiring diagrams, technical services, a parts finder service, service bulletin access, and networking opportunities for the remanufacturing community members.

Some of the benefits of the APRA are: Business Member Insurance Program, Affordable Medical Insurance Options, Medical Coverage for Small Businesses, Healthcare Discount Program for APRA Members through New Benefits, Credit Card Acceptance Services, APRA Freight Savings Plan (DHL and FedEx Express), Maximize Tax Incentives, Computer Discounts, Energy Buyers Program, Car Rentals, Pre-employment Screening, Employee Safety Handbooks, Frost and Sullivan Reports, Biz Actions, CarCareONE Financing Program, Warranty Administration Program, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Global Connection Newspaper discounts, e-Connection, International Offices, Mailing Lists and Labels, Member Forums. Also Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association provides outreach programs: Government Affairs Advocacy Office, and Public Relations Activities.

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