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American Family Insurance: Covering Your Assets

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American Family Insurance (AFI) is dedicated to several businesses, but their main activity is to protect all those valuable goods that have been hard for you to get. This company has been offering their services for over 75 years. They offer different insurance and financial products. The company has operations in 17 states which are Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Utah, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Nebraska, Indiana, Illinois, South Dakota, North Dakota and Oregon.

AFI is committed to offering the best service to its clients because it is one of the philosophies of the company. It employees, more than 8,000 people and over 4,000 independent contractors, are available to help you fulfill your needs at any time you need them. AFI offers insurance for life, cars, business and others, as well as consumer loans and other financial services.

One of the best insurance policies they offer is car insurance. As you know, the best way to reach all places you need to go is by using your own car because public transportation is not very efficient, or simply, because it is very expensive. That is why it is better to have your car protected against possible accidents. For this purpose, this company provides several types of insurance options to protect your car.

These insurance policies are determined taking into account several aspects such like the kind of car you use, the limits you specify, the deductible you chose, your driving record and others. If you are interested in or you need to obtain car insurance, contact this company and ask for the options you have.

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