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American Services Insurance: Covering Almost All the Country

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American Service Insurance (ASI) is a company that offers insurance products to independent agents for the private commercial and passenger markets in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Missouri. The main office of the company is located in Chicago, but the company is planning provide its services in many other states of the US; they are already licensed to operate in other states while waiting for the permission to operate in others.

In the beginning, ASI only offered personal vehicle physical injury coverage, but in 1985 personal car liability was added. The company initially was focused in the private passenger auto market only, but now they offer different types of excellent insurances. Some of these new insurances are taxi cab, light commercial and tow truck coverage.

ASI is different from other companies because they help people who have a deficient driving record, people with lack of driving experience or without insurance record. At American Service Insurance, the philosophy is to provide the best service. They think that is good to have the best products of the market but that it is much more important to provide a personalized service always trying to over exceed the expectations of the consumers.

This corporation offers a diversity of deductibles for Collision and Comprehensive injury insurance and they also may offer rental reimbursement and tow insurance. They have a 24 hour claim office in case you need it.

About car insurance, ASI provides full coverage, term polices and liability, also financial liability filings and non owner policies. As mentioned above, this company is working in some states only, but is planning to expand to others, if you are interested about their services, contact the company and ask them about the possibility of obtaining their services.

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