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Auto Owners Insurance: Car Insurances Available

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Auto Owners Insurance (AOI) is one of the largest casualty and property insurance companies in Michigan. During the crisis of 1929, this company demonstrated that it was one of the best companies because they were able to afford this terrible crisis with excellent financial stability. This was demonstrated because during this crisis many persons went to the office to make claims and the company paid them in cash. After this, they became one of the most recognized insurance companies and have been growing really fast.

As many other companies, AOI started operations with only one office, but today they have offices in many other places. Some of them are: Lansing, MI, Traverse City, MI, Lakeland, FL, Montgomery, AL, Westminster, Co, Mesa, AZ, Tallahassee, FL, Duluth, GA, Marion, IN, Brentwood, NC, Columbia, SC, Lima, OH and others. The main office of the company is currently located in a residential and business area called Verndale in Delta Township, west of Lansing, Mi.

The company is represented by over 35,000 independent agents who are distributed in more than 5,600 agencies in 24 states and it also ranks as one of the largest companies of the US with approximately 4.1 million employees.

One of the main services or products that this company offers is car insurance, which is very competitive compared with other car insurances of the country. They offer insurance for automobiles, commercial automobiles, campers, vacation trailers, trucks, motor homes and others. If you are interested and want to obtain a car insurance with this prestigious company just contact them directly.

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