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Accidental Death Benefit: Thinking About the Future

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According to the website, accidental death benefit refers to “a life insurance policy provision that calls for an additional payment, usually equal to the face amount of the insurance, in the event of accidental death”. This sort of insurance is also called double indemnity. Accidental death benefit is a commonly utilized method that pays the beneficiaries a previously established amount in case he or she dies in an accident, such as an automobile accident, for instance. In this case, the survivor is the one receiving the accidental death benefit. Actually, this benefit is much greater than the regular survivor benefit amount.

In general, what accidental death benefit states is that in case the insured, who is the person whose life was insured, dies in an accident, the beneficiary of the policy, who is the person to who its proceeds are going to paid, is going to receive double the face value of this policy. Once this is all arranged, the insurance company responsible of making the whole process effective will start an investigation in order to come up with the real cause of the death of the insured person. Obviously, in this kind of cases, the company will be very cautious due to the fact that these cases are difficult to claim.

However, there are some requirements that survivors must fulfill in order to be considered eligible to become the receiver of an accidental death benefit. This is possible in two main cases. One of them is when the person dies due to a work-related accident mishap being an active member. On the other hand, your survivor is able to be eligible if you are retired because of accidental disability, and you die because of the reason that made you retire.

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