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Personal Injury Protection: More than Simple Coverage...

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Personal Injury Protection is defined by the Washington State as “an insurance coverage for medical and other expenses from automobile accident, for people specified in the policy, regardless of who is at fault in the accident.” It is not mandatory that every single automobile relies on this kind of coverage; however, each time you purchase a car, the insurance company is there to offer you the service. If you are not willing to have one, then, in writing, you are allowed to refuse it. Be careful of signing the rejection if you really do not want to have it because if you do not do it, the insurance company will charge a premium that you will have to pay. The coverage of this personal injury protection comprises, obviously, the insured persona and his or her household residents, which have to be related by marriage, adoption or blood. Not only foster or step children, but also pedestrians and passengers are also covered if incurred in an accident.

Personal injury protection works in the following way. It covers the people mentioned above in a 3-year period of time from the moment the accident happens and pays for the expenses of the incident up to $10,000. Moreover, it also provides those insured income replacement coverage, which boasts a weekly $200 limit for one complete year. Insured people have this benefit at their disposal as long as they be disabled for 14 days after the time the accident occurs. Regarding funerals and loss of services, payments may go up to $2,000 and $5,000 respectively. In general, payments correspond only to costs that the injured person have at the moment of the accident.

Nevertheless, it is crucial that people be conscious about some aspects for which personal injury protection coverage does not apply. For instance, causes linked to utilizing farm equipment, motorcycles or mopeds, recreational or off road vehicles are not included. However, personal injury protection is available on motorcycle policies. Of course, injuries caused intentionally are out of the protection as well as those injuries that are product of participating in racing activities.

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