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Reasons Why You Should Manage an Insurance

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In spite of all the broad knowledge people manage about the consequence of not having car insurance when an accident takes place and in spite of the fact that in most states, having car insurance is a requirement, some drivers choose not to acquire insurance. Therefore, when a driver is involved in an accident and does not count on coverage, hardship may be caused to cars and implied people due to the driver’s negligence.

Not having insurance may bring a wide variety of consequences, depending on each State’s legislation. There are places in which the damages an insured driver can recover are limited after a car accident. For example, they can be avoided from filing a claim for non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. Furthermore, uninsured drivers may be liable for all damages to another driver’s car, while insured drivers have a capped liability of $500. In some extreme cases, driving without insurance is considered a criminal offense.

Whenever an uninsured driver causes injuries to another person, he/she will not be able to call upon an auto insurance carrier to defend him/her against any resulting lawsuits. Neither will the uninsured person expect an insurance company to pay any settlement for damages resulting from litigation. In these cases, the judgment must be paid out of their personal assets. In some cases, an uninsured driver who is involved in a car accident will not be able to renew his driver’s license until the expenses for the judgment are paid.

For not being victim of the irresponsibility of uninsured drivers, make sure you do have an appropriate insurance coverage that will protect and compensate you for your injuries in the event you be struck by one of those drivers.

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