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Independent Armored Car Operators Association

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The Independent Armored Car Operators Association was founded in 1971 to provide an association for the growing number of privately owned armored car companies and to establish high standards of operation and insurance. Over the years, the organization has grown to include companies throughout the United States, and the world. The company, while independent, and sometimes in competition with one another, work together in areas of security and insurance to guarantee their customers the best service available. Many companies using armored car service prefer the Independents, knowing that they will receive the highest degree of attention to their needs at a fair price.
Independent operators have been innovators in the industry, and are the largest armored transport companies in a number of major markets in the United States. To be a member of our organization, each company is inspected to assure that it meets The Independent Armored Car Operators Association’s highest standards, such as using only armored trucks with approved insurance coverage, and having a minimum of two man crews on all commercial, bank, and ATM, Any Time Money, routes.
The Independent Armored Car Operators Association, online is the online web publication dedicated to members of The Independent Armored Car Operators Association, serving the armored car, cash-in-transit industry and its dedicated professionals throughout North America.
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