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Motorist Assurance Program

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Motorist Assurance Program was formed by a group of automotive repair and service companies that desired to improve the image and reputation of this industry in the eyes of the consumer. The Company is a network of more than 100 of the most commonly recognized names in the automotive maintenance and service industry and their suppliers.
They responded to a need for the industry to collaborate on developing a series of Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards. These guidelines, developed by some of the best technical minds in the industry, are meant to provide a road map for the industry in communicating the results of an inspection of a customer's vehicle and properly alerting that customer to what degree the repairs and replacement on the vehicle are necessary or only suggested.
The Motorist Assurance Program was established to promote communication, education and cooperation among consumers, the automotive industry, and government. As vehicles become more complex, and repairs become more expensive, industry leaders have recognized that customers increasingly want an assurance of quality service based on solid standards. Customers also want a method to achieve satisfaction when those standards are not met.
The Company’s Facility Accreditation Program assures customers they will receive quality repairs and service, and certifies that inspections and recommendations are made in accordance with established their Guidelines. Only those facilities that receive their accreditation can display their Facility Accreditation Program logo. Displaying the logo indicates to consumers that they will receive a written statement explaining repair recommendations based on established their Guidelines, and that any dispute over repairs or service can be resolved through an independent third party.
Participants in the Motorist Assurance Program have agreed to abide by basic service standards such as Industry guidelines developed by their membership, along with other industry participants, as part of the inspection process and to communicate findings to customers. Motorist Assurance Program mission isto strengthen the relationship between the motorist and the automotive service and repair industry through education or the motorist and service provider, and through the creation of industry standards.

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