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National Motorists Association

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National Motorists Association NMA was founded in 1982 and the National Motorists Association advocate represents and protects the interests of North American motorists. They are the organization that promoted federal legislation which eliminated the 55 mph National Maximum Speed Limit in 1995.

Whether you're a driver, enthusiast, collector, highway user or taxpayer, they are committed to representing your interests as a motorist. At every opportunity they lobby, debate and editorialize on your behalf. The Company members have appeared in front of governmental bodies, on local and national radio and TV shows and their views have been printed in many newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the Washington Times.

They support more reasonable speed limits, better driver training, improved motorist to motorist courtesy and sensible and easily understood regulations. They oppose heavy handed enforcement, unfair motorist taxation, speed traps, kangaroo traffic courts and government edicts that take away your rights as a consumer and user of automobiles. They were working for the establishment of traffic laws based on engineering principles and public consensus.

While the speed limit repeal garnered the most attention, their work at the state and local level is equally important. They were working toward a ban on the use of photo radar in all states and provinces and have succeeded in preventing its use in many areas. The Company is funded through membership dues contributed by individuals, families and small businesses.

From the eastern seaboard to California, they were engaged in debates over vehicle emissions regulations. They oppose all forms of camera based traffic law enforcement. They were one of the first organizations to speak out against overzealous emissions requirements clunker, bills and burdensome inspection programs. They were promoting legislation requiring speed limits to be set according to traffic engineering standards.

The National Motorists Association Foundation is dedicated to finding inventive ways to improve and protect the interests of North American motorists. The foundation provides NMA members and others; the opportunity to make tax deductible contributions to fund a variety of activities geared toward expanding motorists' opportunities to drive, travel and just enjoy the gift of mobility.

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