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North American Automobile Trade Association

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The NAATA, North American Automobile Trade Association is a not for profit association of vehicle dealers that import and export vehicles across international borders. Their mandate is to facilitate the purchase and sale of these cross border vehicles. Consumers who would like to save money by purchasing a cross border vehicle are invited to contact their office. They help you in finding a reputable dealer that specializes in this market. Canadian dealers that source American vehicles, American dealers that source Canadian vehicles, European dealers buying from North American exporters and service providers in this market are invited to join their association.

The Company sends their regular notices to members to keep them up to date on current and future issues about the cross border vehicle market. They provide members with the information needed to run profitable and effective businesses. Their bulletins cover all issues pertaining to importing and exporting vehicles including warranty coverage across borders, titling issues, industry trends and statistics, addressing non export agreements, proper use of nominees, sales tax refunds, manufacturer restrictions on export sales, customs issues, import tariffs, regulation of exporters and importers as vehicle dealers and much more.
Their full service members are leading vehicle dealers who are practical in servicing and supporting the international cross border vehicle market. Their full service members protect the market that enables them to source and supply hard to find vehicles across borders and identical vehicles at more competitive prices.
Full service members are entitled to the benefits of Regular Membership. NAATA refers business to full service members and keeps them informed about current and future issues in the cross border vehicle industry. Further, the company sends out one joint media release with them per year to news outlets across the country to generate business for each full service member from new, potential and existing customers and to help forge relations with suppliers. This news release is sent out at no charge to full service members.
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