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Smoking can seriously damage the value of your car

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Drivers who smoke in their car could be knocking a serious dent in its value, according to internet insurer, esure. Caring for your vehicle can make around a £1,000 difference to the price of your car*.

An esure poll by ICM has found that more than five million drivers (17%) only washed their car a few times a year, while 23% cleaned the inside of their cars just once or twice every 12 months**.

Mike Pickard, Head of Risk and Underwriting at esure, said: "It's easy to spot cars of heavy smokers as the upholstery and interior trim takes on a yellowy hue with a strong tobacco odour. This is really off putting for potential buyers so it's not surprising that it devalues the value of the car.

"But smoking in the car is more serious than the financial concerns. Taking your eyes off the road for a spilt second to take a cigarette out of the packet or even light it could prove hazardous."

The 'How Clean is Your Car' survey** also revealed that almost two million drivers (6%) admitted to hardly ever cleaning inside their cars, while many owned up to leaving food wrappers, rubbish and sweaty gym kits lying around. In fact, 11.5 million motorists confessed to driving around in potentially hazardous untidy and dirty cars.

Mike Pickard continued: "Finally, many spend a good chunk of their lives in their cars but no-one should keep belongings on the back seat, or leave bottles, cans and wrappers lying around. Anything that can roll on the floor of your car could cause you to cause an accident as they can easily roll under the driver's seat and become wedged beneath the clutch or brake pedals - a simple oversight, but also potentially fatal."

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