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Finger clickin' good

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The humble computer mouse travels a staggering 422 miles during its lifetime, according to new research.

Over a typical three year 'lifespan', the average mouse will travel the equivalent of halfway from Land's End to John O'Groats as computer users work with their documents, spreadsheets, digital photos and mp3s and surf the internet.

Researchers for online insurer\n issued 100 office workers with 'Mouse Odometers' to track their 'move and click' habits over a standard 35-hour working week.

It revealed that the average worker clicks their mouse 73.44 times per hour and moves it a distance of 140 yards (129m) during this period.

That equates to 2,570 click and just under three miles (2.932miles) a week. Over an average lifespan, the mouse makes more than 370,000 clicks. At a click a second this equates to 102 hours of non-stop clicking.

But along the way 49 per cent of 'mice' also frequently suffer at the hands of their users.

esure polled 2,500 workers about their computer usage, and discovered that 71 per cent get frustrated with their mouse on a regular basis.

A third admitted they never bother to clean their mouse - leaving fluff and grime to build up in its innards - and 59 per cent prefer to buy a new one instead of trying to fix the old one.

A spokesman for esure said: "The mouse is the most important moving part in the modern computer world and it earns its keep. A mouse will cost a company less than £10 but it is expected to complete 16 marathons and often suffer neglect along the way".

And although office staff execute 514 mouse clicks per day, they don't have the same enthusiasm for their own personal daily workout.

The same 100 workers were also issued with pedometers to track their own movements within the office during the week.

It revealed that the average person takes a mere 179.57 steps around the office per day by comparison - that equates to 897.85 steps a week.

A spokesman for esure said: "When it comes to getting around, the mouse makes its users look positively lazy. While the mouse is almost constantly on the go, many human users are desk potatoes."

The poll revealed - ironically - that workers in UK transport, travel and logistics divisions are the laziest - as 14 per cent only leave their desks ONCE a day.

People whose job it is to 'work with others' are the least patient - a staggering 92 per cent of human resources staff regularly take their frustrations out on their mouse.

Those working in legal professions and charity workers are the most neglectful of their 'mice', refusing to clean them at all.

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